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Zaila Avant-garde Teams Up With Global EdTech Company As First U.S. Youth Ambassador

Zaila Avant-garde Teams Up With Global EdTech Company As First U.S. Youth Ambassador

She wants to inspire other youth to go after their dreams!

Zaila Avant-garde has teamed up with a global education technology company as their first-ever U.S. youth ambassador, PR Newswire reports.

Last year, Zaila made history as the first African American winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. She is also a two-time Guinness World Record holder, one for the most bounce juggles in one minute and another for the most basketballs dribbled at once by one person. As a result of her accomplishments, Zaila has received multiple scholarships to college and has been named Sports Illustrated’s 2021 SportsKid of the year. Her thirst for learning and mastering various crafts is what motivates her, and she’s taken to platforms like BYJU'S, a global ed-tech company specializing in engaging and effective learning solutions, to continue exploring even more passions. 

Zaila has already enrolled in coding and music courses on BYJU'S, brushing up on her skills as a piano player and learning how to code with a private instructor. Now the India-based company has partnered with Zaila to make her its first U.S. youth ambassador. In her new role, Zaila will serve as a spokesperson, encouraging other youth learners to pursue their dreams and try something new. She will also host a workshop at BYJU’S first virtual Summer Camp.

“I am excited to partner with BYJU’S as a brand ambassador because I know that many kids struggle with subjects in school that they don’t like. I want to show them that the virtual learning platform can help make that subject fun and engaging. The learning experience is hands-on and personalized, so you’re not just sitting at a lecture jotting down formulas or completing workbooks alone. I was able to learn at a faster rate and had a lot of fun doing it, while also gaining confidence in myself,” said Zaila. 

A new digital ad from the company entitled “Better” features Zaila, showcasing her accomplishments as well as her passion for expanding her knowledge and wheelhouse. Filmed in a local high school in Zaila’s hometown of Louisiana, the ad shows the triumphs and challenges of the teen’s journey and promotes the benefits of being able to learn on your own terms and at a pace that works for you. By promoting Zaila’s own story, BYJU’S hopes they can inspire a new generation of lifelong learners. 

“Spanning her many accomplishments and appetite for learning, Zaila is a shining example of how a child’s natural curiosities translate into life achievements. Her unwavering love of learning and inspiring roster of successes made her a natural choice as BYJU’S first U.S. youth ambassador,” said BYJU’S co-founder, Divya Gokulnath.

Zaila will be speaking during BYJU’S first Summer Camp on July 9 where she’ll touch on her own strategies for success and the importance of never giving up. To learn more about BYJU’S, visit their website here.

Keep inspiring, Zaila! We'll always be here rooting for you and the next generation of leaders. 

Photo Courtesy of BYJU'S