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Yemi Mobolade Makes History As First Black Mayor Of Colorado Springs

Yemi Mobolade Makes History As First Black Mayor Of Colorado Springs

He’s also the first immigrant to become mayor of the city!

Yemi Mobolade is a Nigerian immigrant, husband, and father of three, CBS News reports. A devout Christian and entrepreneur, he moved to Colorado Springs about a decade ago to start a church. He found community there and later opened a cafe and restaurant, working with city leadership and government to promote economic development among small businesses. 

This election season, Mobolade threw his name in the arena, running a campaign centered on issues that mattered to residents like expanding the police force, creating affordable housing, water conservation, and eliminating barriers for businesses. While he had never held office before, his platform resonated with locals and now Mobolade has made history as the first elected Black mayor of Colorado Springs. 

Mobolade was officially sworn in this week during a ceremony at the Pioneers Museum in Colorado Springs. Former mayor John Suthers and Gov. Jared Polis were also in attendance, speaking about the progress the city has made and what the next era of growth will look like under new leadership. Mobolade says he doesn’t take his historic appointment lightly and is excited to be an inspiration for other young Black children. 

“I am a Black leader. I am a Black mayor. I am an immigrant mayor. Why that matters is because there are a lot of young Black kids and minority kids that find inspiration and hope in my story,” he told reporters. 

Congratulations Mayor Mobolade!

Cover photo: Yemi Mobolade makes history as first Black mayor of Colorado Springs/Photo Courtesy of Yemi Mobolade/Twitter