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This Father-Son Duo Started the First Ever Black-Owned Athletic Supply Company

This Father-Son Duo Started the First Ever Black-Owned Athletic Supply Company

From watching the games to supplying the equipment! 

According to Statista, basketball equipment sales in the U.S. produced $286 million in 2021 alone, mainly through four major companies working as suppliers. With none of those companies being Black-owned, Oronde Booker knew exactly what he had to do and launched BookDawg Sports with his son Kendall.

“When thinking about sports, it’s likely that several Black stars across all sports — basketball, football, tennis, or soccer — come to mind easily. Black people have contributed much to sports, attracting fans and diverse audiences, redefining the game and helping shape its culture, yet so few are found ‘behind the ball,’ particularly when looking at industries like sports equipment," Booker told Black News.


This Atlanta-based company earned them the title of the first ever Black-owned athletic supplier. Not only are they diversifying the industry, but they are changing the game at the same time! They rolled out a flagship product called Hard Work 101 (HW101), a microfiber composite cover basketball that gives players good precision and control during indoor gameplay and a reminder to never stop putting in the hard work. 

As a coach, Booker knows what can help a team succeed and a big part of that is using quality products. BookDawg Sports is committed to producing top quality products for all levels. “We believe in high standards and high quality—our ball is for people who are serious about improving their game,” said Booker. “I love the game and continue to play and coach, so I know firsthand that no matter how talented you are, it requires an investment in the best equipment, time and effort."


Booker is even more proud to work with his son. “My son’s been there for inspiration all the time, being a part of the process as far as testing the balls out and looking for when the shipment was coming. He wants to be a part of it, and he’s just learning the business through this process," he told Rolling Out. He wants to ensure he creates generational wealth for his children and this historic company is a step in the right direction. 

Continue blazing your own trail! Congratulations, family!

Photo: Black News/ Rolling Out/ BookDawg Sports