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The Student Loan Doctor, LLC Becomes The First African American and Woman Owned Student Loan Debt Repayment Company

The Student Loan Doctor, LLC Becomes The First African American and Woman Owned Student Loan Debt Repayment Company

Photo via: Sonia Lewis 

The costs of college leading to significant student loan debt seems extremely overwhelming to both current and prospective college students and their families. This is precisely why Sonia Lewis decided to form her own team of people who would be dedicated to increasing awareness and formulating feasible action steps around student loan debt repayment.

In 2016, Lewis became known as "The Student Loan Doctor" and started a coaching business to engage her Philadelphia community around all financial matters related to one's pursuit of higher education. While there are numerous student loan debt management resources across the U.S., Lewis' group seems to be the first Black and woman owned and established group. 

Photo via: Sonia Lewis/Linkedin

"I started doing consulting for people in church, then the church sent the community, and the community sent friends," Lewis explained in an interview with the Shaderoom. "My passion started from my own debt. I needed to get myself together and sit my own self down. I felt like other people needed this too… Plus, I realized there were no classes to help people really understand their debt." 

The Student Loan Doctor, LLC was designed to: educate people about student loan debt, provide assistance in making tangible action plans towards debt repayment, and to provide coaching around other personal financial decision-making, such as budgeting, home loans and ownership, and loan forgiveness programs. Sonia's experience working with both high school and college students made starting her own coaching group a natural progression. Her passion and insight into higher education spaces allows her and her team to provide personalized services, including one-on-one coaching and formal and informal speaking engagements.

If you are not in the Greater Philadelphia area, not to worry. Lewis schedules phone call appointments, has also authored three books, including one children's book, and multiple supplemental worksheets that are used by her clients during their coaching sessions. In addition, you may also access the wisdom of The Student Loan Doctor, LLC by listening to her informative podcast series of the same name.  

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