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The Story Of Wall Street Trailblazer Lauren Simmons Is Coming To The Big Screen

The Story Of Wall Street Trailblazer Lauren Simmons Is Coming To The Big Screen

Photo credit: Richard Drew/AP 

Do you remember Lauren Simmons? She is the 23-year-old who became the youngest woman to earn a highly coveted trader role on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2017. Now her historically poignant life path will be brought to life by AGC Studios, who recently acquired the rights to her story, reports Deadline

Simmons left Georgia and moved to New York after earning a degree in genetics from Kennesaw State University in 2016. After initially aspiring to work in the medical field, she soon began to consider other industries and began applying for roles in the finance industry. After first securing a role with Rosenblatt Securities, Simmons was soon scouted to potentially work for the NYSE and the rest is history. With her appointment, Simmons also became only the second African American woman to be hired to trade full time on the NYSE floor.

Actress Kiersey Clemons is set to star as Simmons in the project and will also co-produce the film.

Clemons’ longtime managers, Eddie Galan and Starr Andreef will co-produce the film along with Clemons. In addition, a team of AGC executives, including their Head of Film (Greg Shapiro), and Head of Urban Content (Glendon Palmer) will also serve as executive producers to the film. The project will be the first film under Clemons’ new production company, Girl on Mercury, which she's launching with the help of her managers, Galan and Andreef.

We can't wait to see Kiersey Clemons bring Lauren Simmons' incredible story to the big screen!