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She Started As A Receptionist, Now She’s FedEx’s First Black CEO

She Started As A Receptionist, Now She’s FedEx’s First Black CEO

There’s a new CEO in town!

FedEx just made history by appointing Ramona Hood, the first ever Black woman CEO in the company’s history, Black Enterprise reports.

Hood started working with the company in 1991 when she was just 19-years-old as a receptionist. Back then the company was still called Roberts Express. She has operated in various capacities since then, leading the company’s FedEx Truckload Brokerage subsidiary, working as an officer at FedEx Supply Chain and serving as VP of operations, strategy, and planning. 28 years later, Hood is now a CEO in the organization.

She said she never thought she could go this far when she started working at FedEx as a teenager. “I was a young mother. I wanted a job that had a stable shift that would allow me to do [college] courses as appropriate. I wasn’t thinking this was going to be my career and I’d be here for 28 years,” Hood said.

Now she will be leading the charge as head of the company’s Custom Critical division. As a new CEO, Hood hopes to focus on gaining insight from employees, customers and independent contractors about ways to better operations. She even holds roundtable discussions with smaller groups of employees to really connect with all of the staff, learn from them, and find innovative ways to address customer needs. 

Congratulations Ramona! We wish you the best!

Photo Courtesy of FedEx