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CEO Sara Hood Is Now The First Black Woman To Own A Sports Team In The Metaverse

CEO Sara Hood Is Now The First Black Woman To Own A Sports Team In The Metaverse

She’s thinking big!

The metaverse is surely on the rise and, with all the new advancements, will soon become the hottest place to be! HBCUs are offering classes in the metaverse and now they're taking sports to a new level. 

There are many women who occupy space in the sports world as coaches, managers, partners, and investors. However, tech entrepreneur and CEO of Sara Belay Inc. Sara Hood decided to pave a new path. Earlier this month, she announced that she is now an owner of the Houston Hyenas, making her the first Black woman to own a virtual sports team.

The Houston Hyenas is a part of SimWin Sports, a one-of-a-kind sports league in the metaverse. SimWin was founded by former MLB player David Ortiz along with fellow owners Magic Johnson, Jerry Rice, Tracy McGrady, LaMelo Ball, and others. The sports league is also the first entity in the world to sell professional sports franchises as NFTs, owned by some of the biggest celebrities, athletes, and influencers.

“I’m a big fan of David Ortiz’s leadership and his team’s innovative approach to emerging technologies in gaming and sports betting. He has played a pivotal role in ensuring that ownership opportunities have been accessible to black and brown investors, which I’m deeply passionate about increasing representation for black women in sports. It’s especially meaningful to me to be a partner in the Houston Hyenas alongside Ed and Emmanuel, one of our first investments as a group," Hood said in a statement via SimWin’s website. NFL Analyst and on-air host Emmanuel Acho and CEO and co-founder of Moon Ultra Edward Madongorere will join Hood in the owner's suite. 


David Ortiz also issued a statement saying, “Our new ownership group’s outstanding professional accolades in the tech and media industries and newfound commitment to our vision speak volumes about SimWin’s long-term vision in the metaverse. The addition of the Houston Hyenas also highlights our efforts to promote an inclusive, diverse, and equitable ownership base.”


Congrats Sara Hood!


Photo: SimWin Sports