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Russell Wilson Becomes First Quarterback In NFL History To Have A Winning Record in His First 8 Seasons

Russell Wilson Becomes First Quarterback In NFL History To Have A Winning Record in His First 8 Seasons

This guy just keeps getting better!

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson led his team to a 17-9 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles this week, cementing history as the first quarterback to lead his team to a winning season in each of his first 8 consecutive seasons, ESPN Seattle reports.

The win over the Eagles brought the Seahawks record to 9-2, allowing Wilson to steal the title for first QB in NFL history to hold a winning record in his first eight seasons. While other QBs have back to back winning seasons under their belt, Wilson is the only to start his career as a pro on the field and stay there. The most recent win ensures the Seahawks will win more than half their games this season.

Since Wilson joined the league in 2012, he has remained consistent, racking up records in passing, making the playoffs in six of his first seven seasons, leading Seattle to their first and only Super Bowl win and winning two NFC championships for the Seahawks. He’s done more in his 8 year career than most have done in 20 years. 

Pete Carroll, head coach for the Seahawks, and the only coach Wilson has ever played for, said most of Wilson’s success is due to who he is as a person. “He’s had a career already of firsts where he’s just done things so well coming out of the chutes and all that to put up numbers and consistency and all that kind of stuff. I think it’s just another statement about his makeup and the character and competitor he is. He’s so consistently ‘Russ’ and he just continues to find ways to be that marvelous competitor that he is,” Carroll said. 

Wilson is no stranger to making history. Earlier this year, he made history by becoming the highest paid player in the NFL. He also recently became one of the only African Americans to become an owner of a major league sports team alongside his wife, R&B star Ciara. The 30-year-old NFL superstar continues to show up on and off the field, utilizing his celebrity for good, gifting his teammates with more than touchdowns, and always taking care of his family. 

And even though it’s about so much more than football, Wilson is still having his best season yet. He and Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens are considered the MVPs of the 2019 season and Sunday’s win makes 84 career wins for Wilson in a regular season. 

Congratulations Russell! Keep inspiring us all!