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Principals Make History As The First Siblings To Lead Schools In This South Carolina School District

Principals Make History As The First Siblings To Lead Schools In This South Carolina School District

They’re a force when they’re together!

Dr. Tracy Pickett has been a principal for eight years at Pine Grove Elementary School in South Carolina’s Richland County School District One,” ABC Columbia reports. Now after nearly a decade as an educational leader her younger brother Dr. Greg Pickett is following in her footsteps, starting as a first year principal at Heyward Gibbes Middle School. Together, the duo is making history as the first-ever siblings to lead schools in Richland School District One. 

“I’m Dr. Pickett number one. This is now Dr. Pickett number two - and I don’t let him forget it,” Tracy joked. 

Both brother and sister say they were inspired by their mom and older sister, both of whom are former educators, as well as their father, a retired instructor with the Army National Guard. Greg says his sister Tracy has long been an educator, even before she stepped foot into a school building. He vividly recalls being three or four-years-old, as Tracy taught him school lessons from their kitchen table. 

“I was her first student, and so I’m still her student. I still learn from her. But sometimes a student can teach a lesson too,” said Greg. 

“No comment,” Tracy quipped. 

Despite their historic accomplishment and their academic prowess as doctors of education, the two are still just siblings to one another, Tracy still offering big sister advice to her little bro as he begins this new journey as a first year principal. 

“I would definitely tell him to take one day at a time. It will get done. It’s not going to get done in a day, but it will get done, and I will tell him to make the most of his experience and try to find some joy in it because if you enjoy what you do you’re going to put your whole heart in it and you don’t want to let anybody down, and I would just tell him to enjoy the ride so he can have some longevity,” explained Tracy. 

While their views on education don’t always align, they are connected in a shared mission of serving their communities and empowering the next generation of students. Being able to do that in their home community just makes it all better. 

“We’re extremely proud of the communities that we serve because we’re a product of this community. We were educated in Richland County School District One from pre-kindergarten all the way through high school, so we have a deeply personal connection and attachment to these communities,” said Greg. 

Together they plan to continue that work, making students their chief priority while focusing on supporting their faculty and staff and giving back to the families and community they love so dearly. The best part about it - they get to lean on each other the whole way through!

Congratulations family!

Cover photo: Principals make history as the first siblings to lead schools in Richland School District One/Photo Courtesy of Richland School District One