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Ohio Man Opens First Black-Owned Breast Cancer Center In State In Honor of Late Mother

Ohio Man Opens First Black-Owned Breast Cancer Center In State In Honor of Late Mother

He’s honoring her memory by giving back!

An Ohio man just opened the first Black-owned breast cancer center in the state in honor of his late mother.

Lavar Jacobs is the owner of The Kim Jacobs Breast Cancer Center, the first Black-owned breast care center in the state, located in Akron, Ohio’s Kenmore neighborhood. The facility is named for his late mother, who passed away from breast cancer in 2009 at the age of 49. Jacobs was inspired by his own mother’s journey after her passing to create a center that could provide wrap-around services to others dealing with breast cancer. 

The center will also serve as the hub for Jacobs’ nonprofit, “Not Just October,” whose mission is to “expand the knowledge and resources available to breast cancer patients, survivors, and their supporters…[by] fostering a culture of encouragement, advocacy, and total support...through the promotion of education and community engagement,” Jacobs said via a press statement.

The new facility will serve as a hub for men, women and families dealing with breast cancer, offering access to on-site nurses, wigs, massages, counseling, financial assistance, and insurance help to those impacted by the disease. There will also be a children’s center on site where kids can stay while parents receive treatment as well as the option to schedule home services such as lawn care, snow removal, etc. 

Jacobs’ goal is to show everyone that breast cancer awareness doesn’t just start and stop in October. Families impacted need year-round support and through this new center, he gets to offer that for those impacted by breast cancer in his community while also honoring his mother.

“I’ve always had the vision of the Kim Jacobs Breast Cancer Resource Center. She didn’t get to do everything she had planned. She deserves more of a legacy,” Jacobs told WKYC reporters. 

It is his hope that he can bring a more personalized approach to patients, stressing the importance of preventative health care while also improving the quality of life for those battling the disease. Jacobs cannot overemphasize the importance of raising awareness about breast cancer all year round and elevating the conversation in communities about the illness.

“All of the hard work and dedication in my community over the past six years through ‘Not Just October’ has led us to this momentous point. Words cannot simply express the excitement flowing through my body as we embark on the journey that is the Kim Jacobs Breast Cancer Resource Center! I can feel the presence of my mom in the walls and I know that she is here with me and smiling down from heaven. My mom was the catalyst, passion has been the fuel, and the strength of all of the women currently battling breast cancer has been the driving force of our mission at ‘Not Just October.’ I’m looking forward to making a huge difference now and forever!” said Jacobs.

To learn more about the work of “Not Just October” and The Kim Jacobs Breast Cancer Center, click here

Congratulations Lavar!

Photo Courtesy of Lavar Jacobs/Not Just October