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Music Teacher Makes History As First Black Man To Become Colorado’s Teacher Of The Year

Music Teacher Makes History As First Black Man To Become Colorado’s Teacher Of The Year

He was honored at the state Capitol!

Jimmy Lee Day II is a veteran educator with more than 13 years of experience, CBS News reports. Since 2017, he has worked at East Middle School in Aurora, Colorado as the band director and instrumental music teacher. During his time, he has taken three struggling band programs and reconstructed them, earning multiple awards for his work and bringing home top ratings at district music festivals. For Day, his secret to being a successful educator is not a magic elixir, but a rather simple recipe, that consists of true connection with his students and consistency. 

“From classroom management to how I rehearse my students to how I want my expectations - it’s consistent, it doesn’t change, it’s unbending and then my connection - me making myself human just like you and we make connections,” Day explained. 



Now Day has been honored for his work, making history as the first Black man to be named Colorado’s Teacher of the Year. He was first surprised with the prestigious award during an in school ceremony last October. This past week, the celebrations culminated with an event at the state Capitol where Colorado State Senator Rhonda Fields acknowledged Day’s work on the Senate floor. 





Day will serve as Teacher of the Year for the state of Colorado for the remainder of the year, emphasizing the importance of music and schools and continuing to give his students a first class education. 

Congratulations Mr. Day! Because of you, we can!

Cover photo: Music teacher makes history as first Black man to become Colorado’s Teacher of the Year/Photo Courtesy of AuroraPublicSchools/Twitter