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Michigan Law Review Names Its First African American Editor, Megan Brown

Michigan Law Review Names Its First African American Editor, Megan Brown

Photo credit: Joshua Han/The Michigan Daily

Second-year law student Megan Brown recently made history by being selected as the first African American Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious Michigan Law Review. 

The Law Review is a publication written by about 100 legal scholars at the University and until now has not selected any Black law students to assume the role of Editor in Chief since its first publication in 1902. Brown will now be responsible for overseeing each stage of publication of approximately eight final products each year. She initially served as the associate editor for the publication and after a rigorous multi-stage application and interview process was promoted as of January 2018.

Brown admittedly had no idea of the historical implication of her recent promotion. “I will admit that it did take a while,” Brown said. “It should have happened sooner. But I like to think of this as mostly good news. There's a lot of crazy stuff happening on campus and in the world racism-wise, and it feels good to know that at least my community has faith (in me)." Assistant Dean of Michigan Law, Sarah Zearfoss, praised Brown’s selection by sharing: “I couldn’t be happier, she’s going to be a great person to work with for the next year.’’

As an active member of Michigan’s Black Law Students Association, Brown was surrounded by encouragement from her fellow BLSA members, including classmate Johannah Walker. One year older than Brown, Walker played a key role in cheering Brown on during her application process and encouraging her to do her best. “If there’s anyone within the Black Law Students Association who embodies everything that it means to be a Black law student and to be constantly aspiring to make your voice heard and to be successful and advance the cause of Black people that aren’t generally represented by Black people — she is that,” Walker said.


Brown also attended the University of Michigan for her undergraduate studies and considers the Michigan community one that has challenged her, but also one in which she’s had some significant successes. Since learning of her promotion, she’s been embraced by the network of past Law Review senior editors and has won the admiration of many of her peers working in other roles for the publication.

"I've found some success, and the University has in a lot of ways helped me get there so it’s just cool to be here back at this school and have this be where this happened for me," Brown said.

Congratulations, Megan! Best wishes in your new role!