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Meet The Owner Of The First Beauty Supply In New Paltz, New York

Meet The Owner Of The First Beauty Supply In New Paltz, New York

It took 40 years, but her dreams came true!

This New Paltz, New York native just opened a shop near and dear to her heart, JBee Beauty Supply. 

Meet Janice Butcher, a familiar face of New Paltz, NY, and a SUNY New Paltz alumna. As a college student in 1984, she had difficulties maintaining her hair, Butcher told New Paltz Oracle, “There was no place to get your hair braided, no place to purchase the hair, no place to purchase the products. So, I would have to go back to 125th Street, back to the city, every time I wanted a product.” That same year was when she got the great idea of starting her beauty store.

However, that dream didn’t come to fruition for years. In 2015, Butcher began working towards her goals by attending a workshop held by the Department of Labor, titled: “Dreams, Goals, and Actions.” She then launched her first business in September of that year named, Brains & Beauty. Now 8 years later Butcher stands as the proud owner of New Paltz’s first Black-owned beauty supply store, JBee Beauty Supply.

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The name of the store pays homage to her college nickname, “J.B.” This beauty supply is also offering a wide range of products and wigs and even includes a cosmetologist to make getting your hair done easier for locals and college students. This store is not only supplying a much-needed demand but Butcher says the “presence of the store is for people to be empowered.”  

College students like fourth-year theater arts major Angelina Bell have caught wind of the new store and appreciate the representation it brings. Bell stated, “We’ve needed a store like this for such a long time in New Paltz, because I feel like people don’t realize there’s a thriving Black community on campus, off campus, just all throughout the town of New Paltz. I think seeing a business like this that represents marginalized communities is inspiring.”

The independent first-time business owner had a few words to share with people who might be chasing a dream saying, “Through life’s challenges, just continue to keep the faith. Do not give up on your dream. If you were given a dream it was meant to happen.” 

We’re wishing Ms. Butler all the best and success!

Photo: Alyssa Sciarrone