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Meet The Owner Of Florida’s First Black Woman-Owned Selfie Museum

Meet The Owner Of Florida’s First Black Woman-Owned Selfie Museum

She’s creating a fun new event space for the community!

Meet the owner of Florida's first Black woman-owned selfie museum. 

According to EIN Presswire, Carissa Glanton is the creator behind Florida’s first Black woman-owned Selfie Showroom. Getting her start as a professional photographer, Glanton has more than a decade of experience under her belt curating the perfect photos. Officials report that more than 93 million selfies are taken each day, Glanton seeing a prime opportunity to serve the community in a way that merged her creative skills with their favorite pastime. Now the popular Amazon influencer has opened the Selfie Showroom in Jacksonville, the first of its kind in all of Florida owned and operated by a Black woman. 

The place was built by Glanton from the ground up, featuring an array of installations with themes ranging from a night on the town to a first-class airplane ride. The 2,400 square feet is a perfect event space for any get-together and features a host of props, gadgets, and tips for taking good pictures, courtesy of Glanton herself. 

Inside it seems that the veteran photographer has thought of almost everything; from romantic spaces to all-white designs, a garden party perfect for engagement shoots, an over-the-top purple space built for luxury shoots, and of course, a golden throne. With more than 20 different set designs, it is a creative’s dream and sure to produce content that stands out on the internet.

Glanton has used her skills to set up the perfect DIY photo haven and she’s hoping to not only offer something fun for locals but also create community. She’s currently looking for micro-influencers, vloggers, YouTube professionals, and models who may be open to collaborations. 

The Selfie Showroom is located at 9433 Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Photos Courtesy of DiamondEyezzz/The Selfie Showroom/Instagram