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Marshawn Lynch Makes History As The First Ever Chief Brand Ambassador For The NFL Players Association

Marshawn Lynch Makes History As The First Ever Chief Brand Ambassador For The NFL Players Association

He’s committed to helping as many professional football players as he can!

Marshawn Lynch is making history as the first-ever Chief Brand Ambassador for the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), Black Enterprise reports. 

Lynch was recently elected to become the new Chief Brand Ambassador by the NFLPA, the first person to hold such a position. He will work with past, current, and future professional NFL players to serve as a mentor, peer, and partner in his new role. He will also help the organization with various initiatives and support current campaigns like #AthleteAnd, which encourages players to hold other interests outside of sports. 

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith spoke about the significance of the partnership, saying, “Few players have used their platforms to build leverage for both their individual success as well as the success of all players like Marshawn has - all while remaining true to himself and his values. Having him on board as our chief brand ambassador and mentor who has been in their shoes is a huge win in furthering our mission as a full-service union to our men on and off the field.”

The Oakland, CA native is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who naturally does most of what he’ll be doing in his new role daily. From offering accessible technology classes to kids through his “BeastCode” event to his real estate endeavors, launching a cell phone service to provide free phones for the unhoused, and even a new cannabis company. Lynch is the perfect example for professional athletes looking to diversify their portfolios. 

“I’m always tryin’ to make the most outta my time and opportunities. Ya’ feel me? If you make it through pee wee, high school, college and you’re lucky enough to call yourself an NFL player, you’re in a situation to create and take part in hella opportunities, but you have to understand that you only get a little bit of time in that uni’, so you gotta max it out and put yourself in a position to make plays on and off the turf,” Lynch said via statement. 

He is also a proponent for giving back to his community, even saving a classic Bay Area soul food restaurant from closing, taking over as the new owner, and keeping the menu the same. Lynch also owns his own Oakland restaurant, Rob Ben’s. His aunt serves as executive chef, with a portion of all proceeds going to his Fam1st Family Foundation, which he co-founded with Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters and Jets quarterback Josh Johnson. 

Lynch hopes to use his role as an ambassador to inspire other players to utilize all the resources they have at their disposal and help as many as he can. 

“By partnering with the NFLPA and working with De Smith, I can share my path, pass down what I’ve been through and seen, so players can see what’s really out there for them and tap into all the resources that their teams, communities and the PA have available. I wanna put them in positions to be successful in every facet of their lives from building businesses based on their passions to, of course takin’ care of their mentals and stackin’ their chicken,” said Lynch. 

Thank you for your continued example Marshawn! Because of you, we can!

Photo Courtesy of Ted S. Warren/Associated Press