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LSU Elects Its First Black Student Government President In Almost 30 Years

LSU Elects Its First Black Student Government President In Almost 30 Years

 Photo credit: Haskell Whittington III

For the first time in nearly 30 years, Louisiana State University (LSU) has a Black Student Government president. Meet Stewart Lockett.

"I think it’s a cultural shift," Lockett told LSU's student newspaper, The Daily Reveille, of his election. "It's a good progress for us and for Louisiana as a whole. It's really significant for me because I think a lot of minority students now feel like they have a voice." 

Since the school's first Black SG president Kerry Pourciau took office in 1972, Lockett serves as LSU's third Black president. He first decided to run for SG president while he was completing his medical fellowship in Budapest, Hungary in preparation of pursuing medical school after graduation. It was there where he started his campaign and the search for his running mate. 

After gaining more experience in SG during the 2016-2017 academic school year, Lockett was ready to serve the students of LSU in a higher capacity. His running mate and current SGA vice president Rachel Campbel are now leading initiatives such as, "providing LSU's WIFI 'eduroam' to the International Cultural Center and the Greek Houses on campus and launching the 'Degree Works' auditing program," reports The Daily Reveille. 

"If you would've asked me in high school, ‘Would you do student government in college?’ I would've said no," Lockett said. "I have a different story because some people say, ‘Oh, I’ve always wanted to do politics. My parents did it.’ Mine is just that I really like to serve, and I really like LSU. That combination found me being here." 

Congratulations Stewart on blazing your own path! The possibilities are endless.