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Kenyan Runner Makes History As First To Win Olympic Gold & New York City Marathon

Kenyan Runner Makes History As First To Win Olympic Gold & New York City Marathon

She’s raking up some major wins!

A Kenyan runner made history as the first to win both Olympic gold and the New York City Marathon, Essence reports. 

Peres Jepchirchir took home a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics’ marathon this summer. This weekend, the Kenyan runner also took first place in the New York City Marathon, making history as the first runner to come in first in both races. 

“I thank God for the energy he has given me. This course is not bad, but it’s not easy,” Jepchirchir said.

The 28-year-old finished the women’s race in 2 hours 22 minutes 39 seconds, coming in just four seconds before another Kenyan runner, Viola Cheptoo. Ababel Yeshaneh of Ethiopia came in third. Although they were competing with each other for the title, there was still a sense of sisterhood between the women.

“Could you please help me until at least 35K?” Cheptoo asked Jepchirchir, when they neared the checkpoint less than five miles from the finish. “She was really nice enough to just go with me.”

Photo Credit: Uli Seit 

This is the world’s largest race according to organizers. In 2019, the last in person race prior to the pandemic, 53,640 runners finished the 26.2 mile race. 

Albert Korir, also of Kenya, took home the top prize in the men's division, completing the marathon in 2 hours, 8 minutes, and 22 seconds. Korir nabbed second place in 2019.

Photo Credit: Timothy A. Clary

This year's race is the 50th New York City Marathon. The first one, held in 1970, cost just $1 to enter and welcomed 127 registered runners, just 55 of whom crossed the finish line.

Congratulations, Peres!

Photo Courtesy of Timothy A. Clary/Uli Seit