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Keisha Nix Makes History As First Black Woman To Become VP In Los Angeles Lakers Organization

Keisha Nix Makes History As First Black Woman To Become VP In Los Angeles Lakers Organization

She’s looking to open doors for the next generation!

Keisha Nix is making history as the first Black woman to become vice president in the Los Angeles Lakers organization, NewsOne reports.

Nix, a veteran philanthropic organizer, was just named vice president of charitable affairs for the Los Angeles Lakers. The appointment is a historic one as Nix becomes the first Black woman in the history of the franchise to hold a vice president role.

She got her start in the finance industry, organizing community events for companies like Merrill Lynch and Bank of America. There she would also oversee investments for CEOs serving as a financial advisor. Nix also supported the charitable arm of Bank of America, spearheading fundraising efforts and coordinating events on their behalf, eventually transitioning to a role in their community relations department. That opened up an avenue for Nix to cement even larger philanthropic partnerships, including one with USC and the Dodgers. While her road to a career in social impact wasn’t traditional, it paved a clear path to her new role with the Lakers.

Just three years ago, Dallas Mavericks chief executive officer Cynthia Marshall made history as the first Black woman CEO in the NBA. Now with Nix making history as a vice president, she hopes she can inspire other women and people of color to get into the corporate world of sports. 

“I’ve never bounced a basketball in my life, but when I show up wearing my championship ring, they see that there are a lot of exciting career opportunities that happen behind the scenes, from social media to esports,” said Nix. 

It is her goal to continue to create pathways for the next generation and she doesn’t take the job lightly. 

“I think being the first Black women vice president here is exciting. I once heard Jeannie Buss say when she became the first female team owner to win a championship that it’s O.K. to be the first, but you can’t be the only. I’ve adopted that mentality, and I’m looking to help the next generation of leaders to take my place,” Nix explained. 

Congratulations Keisha! Because of you, we can!

Photo Courtesy of Keisha Nix/Sister2Sister Magazine