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History Made: Yale Elects First Black Student Body President

History Made: Yale Elects First Black Student Body President

Sophomore Kahlil Greene made history last month when he was elected as Yale University’s first Black student government president. 

In an interview with Fox 5 DC, Greene, who sported a Yale kente cloth design on his shirt, shared some of his motivation for running for office.  

“I wanted to amplify the voices of the underserved communities on campus, especially students of color.”

It has been 145-years since the first African American student graduated from Yale. And that's something Greene keeps top of mind as he strives to make his mark.

“I think its important to acknowledge everyone that came before me, so Edward Bouchet who was one the first black students to graduate from Yale all the way up to the students of color on campus today that inspire me.”

While Yale has made headlines in the last year for incidents involving racial profiling, Greene recognizes his historic election as a move in the right direction.

“I think that we can be a more diverse and inclusive campus and I’m grateful for the role that I’ll have in making that happen.”

According to his campaign website, Greene plans to implement a policy plan that focuses on four aspects: “the facilitation of meaningful interactions between Yale and New Haven; the fostering of a safer, healthier and more equitable campus culture; the enhancement of the quality of the University’s academics and facilities; and the improvement of the YCC’s capacity to cater to student demands.”

As for his advice to other students thinking about running for student government, it’s short and sweet.

“Any goal is achievable.”

Greene is majoring in economics and is also an executive board member of the Yale Black Men’s Union.

Congratulations Kahlil! We’re rooting for your success!