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History Made: Randall Woodfin Elected As Birmingham's New Mayor

History Made: Randall Woodfin Elected As Birmingham's New Mayor

Photo via: Randall Woodfin 

There's a new mayor in Birmingham, Alabama as 36-year-old Randall Woodfin defeated two-term Democratic incumbent Mayor William Bell for the city's highest elected office. Now, Woodfin, a Morehouse graduate, attorney, and former school board member president, will become the city's youngest mayor in modern history. 

Pictured: Woodfin celebrating with his mother Cynthia Woodfin-Kellum after his historic win (Photo credit: Joe Songer).   

"I think this is a historic night for our city, for our community," Woodfin said. "I think how people run campaigns is a glimpse into how they govern. We made this campaign 100 percent about the people of Birmingham, focusing on their issues, their struggles, their desires for the direction of the city. I am happy for all of the people who live in our city. I am honored."

In his mayoral race, the political newcomer established a goal to bring a "people-first vision for all 99 neighborhoods" and serve the needs of less privileged residents. Last month, Woodfin shared a plan detailing what he would do in his first 100 days in office. Starting with three transformative changes (audit, transparency, and eliminating nepotism) Woodfin said he plans to implement a "comprehensive strategy to clean and open up city finances" and reduce the size of the Mayor's office and redistribute funds to police and public works employees. 

Photo credit: Joe Songer

"There's not a shortage of funding in Birmingham," Woodfin told HuffPost. "There's a shortage of priorities and a vision to move the city forward with tax dollars in an appropriate and transparent way."

Woodfin defeated Bell 58 percent (24,910 votes) to 41 percent  (17,353 votes). 

"Today is a new day for Birmingham. We successfully ran a progressive grassroots campaign inspired by the people of Birmingham," Woodfin said. "Working Families Party has been essential in this effort. With their help, we were able to create a grassroots enthusiasm that spread throughout Birmingham and across the country."

Congratulations, Mayor-elect Woodfin! Cheers to the future. 

Woodfin is set to begin his four-year term Tuesday, November 28.