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Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Set To Be First Black Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff Since Colin Powell

Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Set To Be First Black Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff Since Colin Powell

If confirmed, he’ll be the highest-ranking military officer in the nation!

President Joe Biden has nominated Air Force General Charles “CQ” Brown to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, USA Today reports. No stranger to high profile appointments, Brown made history in 2020 as the first Black Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force

A decorated fighter pilot with nearly four decades of service under his belt, Brown has more than 3,000 hours of fighter flight experience and 130 hours in combat. He is the first African American to lead any of the military branches and has served at every level of the Air Force and in joint commands across the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Gen. Brown has also played a critical role in shaping U.S. defenses in the wake of China’s rise while helping the Pentagon provide military aid to Ukraine during Russia’s recent invasion. If confirmed by the Senate, it will be the first time in U.S. history that a Black Joint Chiefs of Staff and a Black Defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, have served at the same time. 

Biden announced the nomination during a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden this week. He paid homage to Brown’s long line of family service, noting his father’s time in the Vietnam War and his grandfather’s command of a segregated military unit during World War II. 

“General Brown’s a warrior, descended from a long line of warriors. He knows what it means to be in the thick of battle and how to keep your cool when things get hard,” said President Biden. 

He continued by praising Brown for being a “proud, butt-kicking American airman,” and his “reputation around the force as an unflappable and highly effective leader.” Biden also joked about the Texas native’s cooking skills, saying Brown “smokes a mean brisket.” 

If confirmed, Brown will replace former Army Gen. Mark Milley, who will remain in office until his term’s end in October. He would be the second Black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff since Army Gen. Colin Powell. Biden called Brown a “deliberative, thoughtful leader,” recalling his video testimony following the tragic murder of George Floyd where he shared his own experience with racism and called on the country to unite. Brown lives by the motto of “accelerate, change or lose,” something Biden says affirms his confidence in the General to perform his duties with the highest standard of excellence. 

“With General Brown as chairman, I know I’ll be able to rely on his advice as a military strategist and as a leader of military innovation, dedicated to keeping our military forces the best in the world.”

Congratulations General CQ Brown!

Cover photo: Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown set to be first Black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff since Colin Powell/Photo Courtesy of Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images