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Florida Senior Makes History With 5.6 GPA, Becoming The School's First Black Valedictorian

Florida Senior Makes History With 5.6 GPA, Becoming The School's First Black Valedictorian

This is excellence in action! A Florida senior makes history, becoming the first Black valedictorian at his high school after earning a 5.60 GPA, the school's highest.

Timi Adelakun is a senior at South Broward High School in Florida. Despite school’s being closed and graduations being cancelled, this 18-year-old is still celebrating big. He set a record at his high school, earning the highest GPA ever making Adelakun the school’s first Black valedictorian,  WSVN reports. 

“As of now, it’s a 5.6045. I think by graduation it’ll go a little bit higher, but that’s my number. It’s good, especially the history breaking part, that me being the first Black valedictorian, and also me having the highest GPA in my school. It’s good to know,” Adelakun told reporters.

His high school is a college prep school, offering American College of Education programs that allow students to receive college credits while in high school, AP courses and Broward College courses. Adelakun was one of those students taking advantage of all three programs. 

“I’ve been taking over 20 college courses worth of credit, and because of that, my AP credits, my ACE credits and my dual enrollment credits boost my GPA,” said Adelakun. 

Even though it seems like a lot, Adelakun didn’t mind, balancing his course load with extracurricular activities that allowed him to explore his love of theater. As a member of the drama club and the Thespian Honors Society, he was able to grow in his passion and wanted to pick a college where he also could do both. 

The Broward senior was accepted into 8 universities including the University of Miami, Columbia University, Julliard, UCLA, the University of Southern California, Berkeley, The University of Chicago and Pomona College. He wasn’t able to tour the school’s as a result of COVID-19 so he made his decision from the comfort of his home. 

“I’m going to attend Pomona College. The school gave me a full scholarship, so if I go there it’s covered for. I chose that school ‘cause it’s liberal arts, and I’m able to double major. I’m doing molecular biology and theatre.,” Adelakun said. 

Even without the usual graduation festivities, the Broward senior said he’s still looking forward to what’s next. 

“I’m excited to go onto new heights and kind of go out of my comfort zone,” he said. 

Congratulations Timi! We are so proud of you!