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Fisk University Holds First Gymnastics Practice In School's 156-Year History

Fisk University Holds First Gymnastics Practice In School's 156-Year History

Practicing for 2023 is underway!

Back in February, Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee made history when they announced the launching of an Intercollegiate Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Team. The addition made them the first HBCU to offer women’s gymnastics, Fisk reports.

The president of Fisk University, Dr. Vann Newkirk shared a few words on the launching of the team saying, “Fisk University has always been an educational leader and this women's gymnastics program will embody all the qualities that define the Fisk experience: excellence, determination, and a commitment to a better tomorrow.”

Student-athlete Zyia Coleman recently took to TikTok to share how the first practice went, putting their stellar skills front and center. The video has already amassed over 100,000 likes along with a plethora of comments praising the team and their monumental achievement.

“What my little Black gymnast self always dreamed about,” one TikToker commented.


@zyiaalexys first hbcu gymnastics team!! lets get it!💙💛. #trending #viral #fypシ #gymnastics #fiskuniversity ♬ original sound - Blue Nightmare


The video also garnered a lot of local support from people saying how excited they are to come to watch them compete and how they are bringing their children and grandchildren to watch history being made when the season begins.

And of course, the team is already a powerhouse! Ex-NCAA champion Corrine Tarver was promoted to Head Coach of the gymnastics team and Athletic Director of the University. All-American Scholar Athlete, Kourtney Chinnery, was brought on as the Assistant Coach, and they recently welcomed one transfer student and 14 incoming freshmen. One freshman, in particular, Morgan Price said she decommitted from the University of Arkansas to attend Fisk University to “show off my talents at the school my ancestors made for me.”


We love to see it and we’ll be here rooting for you!