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First Black-Owned Brewery Set To Open In Charlottesville, Virginia

First Black-Owned Brewery Set To Open In Charlottesville, Virginia

He’s doing it for the culture!

The first Black-owned brewery is set to open in Charlottesville, Virginia, NBC29 news reports. 

Corey Hoffman is the founder of Neon Culture Brewing, a company he started as a way to merge his love for craft brewing with elements of his culture. Hoffman made his first batch of beer in his mother’s kitchen in 2017, taking those skills and developing a business model he could be proud of. 




Now he's preparing to launch the company, becoming the first Black-owned brewery in Charlottesville. His non-traditional craft beers are all crafted with his own special touch added, from hints of homemade vanilla extract to Hoffman trying his hand with different styles of brewing, it all makes a difference. In addition, Hoffman is marketing his brews as compliments of each other, think of it as two sides of the same coin or as he likes to call it, a mixtape of sorts. 

“With a lot of our beers, the way I want to set it up is that the first couple of beers we release will be like a ‘side A,’ and the next couple we do will be like a ‘side B.’ Each one will have a theme and be like a mixtape in a way, and I think that will keep our stuff really fresh and different,” Hoffman explained. 





Currently, the company is hosting fundraiser events and welcoming community donations to get them closer to launching. Overall, Hoffman’s goal with the brewery is to show that the industry is really for everybody and pave the way for more inclusiveness in the sector. 

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Photo Courtesy of WVIR/NBC29 News