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City Located in Wealthiest Black County Elects Its First African American Mayor

City Located in Wealthiest Black County Elects Its First African American Mayor

Bowie, Maryland, a city situated in Prince George’s County, the wealthiest Black county in the U.S., just elected its first African American Mayor, WUSA 9 reports.

Tim Adams is the city’s first new mayor in two decades and its first Black mayor. Adams, who has been wheelchair bound since an accident, is the city's first mayor with a physical disability.

Adams spoke to WUSA saying, “I think being the first Black mayor of Bowie in particular is something that is historic. It’s very humbling.” He also spoke about his disability saying, “I think as someone who’s had challenges, being disabled, I think it also shows a lot of character of the people of this city because they look past that.”

Mayor Adams is a successful business owner who provides support to customers of the Department of Defense and a Bowie resident for the last 25 years. Adams spoke to The Washington Post ahead of the election saying, “This is a crucial time for the city. People feel like the city is ruled more by politics than by common sense.” Adams hopes that by positioning himself as mayor, a self proclaimed “political outsider,” he can help to better unite the city. 

“I look forward to all of us coming together as one city, as one group and making sure that we all have that quality of life we all deserve and that Bowie is known for. We want to make sure we keep [the city] safe, keep it beautiful, keep it family-friendly,” Adams said. 

Congratulations Mayor Adams! We look forward to all the great work you’re going to do!