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Christale Spain Makes History As The First Black Woman Elected To Lead SC’s Democratic Party

Christale Spain Makes History As The First Black Woman Elected To Lead SC’s Democratic Party

She’s the leader of the new school!

Christale Spain is a name you might not be familiar with but we’re here to put her on your radar. She began making waves in 2016, working as a political director for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, Black Enterprise reports. She then served as state director for Senator Cory Booker during his 2020 presidential campaign and worked with Congressman Jim Clyburn’s district office for two years where she focused on constituent services and outreach.

During that time Spain also remained active in voter engagement efforts, founding 46 Hope Road, a political action committee dedicated to activating voters who may have been dormant since President Obama’s 2008 election. Spain amplified those efforts last year when she worked on engaging Black voters for the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee during the most recent midterm elections. Now Spain has been elected to chair the Democratic Party of South Carolina, making history as the first Black woman to hold the title. 

Spain was elected during last week’s Democratic convention held in Columbia, South Carolina. As the party gears up for the 2024 presidential election, South Carolina joins as one of four states chaired by Black women that are also set to hold the primaries. These include Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and South Carolina, making 4 out of 5 states holding the primaries that are now being spearheaded by Black women. 

In her new role, Spain will be taking over for Trav Robertson, who has led the Democratic Party since 2017. Jaime Harrison, the previous state chair and current Democratic National Committee head said that Spain is an excellent candidate for the job. 

“[She] has the experience, judgment, and strategic vision to get South Carolina Democrats back on the winning track, and I know she will be an excellent char,” said Harrison. 

Spain says she is more ready than she’s ever been, crediting all of her experience with leading her to this moment. She’s ready to usher in the next era for the Democratic Party and ensure that they win. 

“I now know from all the experience, all of the volunteering, all of the jobs that I’ve held, the importance of this role, who is setting the stage, who is implementing the strategy, so that we can win,” Spain told reporters. 


Cover photo: Christale Spain makes history as the first Black woman elected to lead South Carolina’s Democratic Party/Photo Courtesy of Meg Kinnard/Associated Press)