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Black Mother & Daughter Make History As First To Graduate From U.S. Naval Academy In 170+ Year History

Black Mother & Daughter Make History As First To Graduate From U.S. Naval Academy In 170+ Year History

It runs in the family!

Timika Lindsay graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1992, Black Enterprise reports. She went on to have a long and prosperous career in the Navy, serving 30 years as a senior-ranking officer before serving as the chief diversity officer and the director of DEI for the Naval Academy. She then retired, continuing to do work in DEI through her independent consulting firm, Anchor Leadership Solutions. She also serves as a trustee on the USS N.J. Commissioning Committee and as director of leadership and development with the Naval Academy Minority Association.

“My family will tell you that I faked my retirement. And somehow secretly I’m still working for the Navy,” Timika joked. 

Recently, she returned to the Naval Academy, this time to make history, as her daughter Elise Lindsay followed in her footsteps and the two became the first Black mother-daughter duo to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy in its 177-year history. As Timika reflected on this full circle moment as a proud mom, she was reminded of the family’s long history of service to the country. 

Elise’s grandfather served in the Marine Corps during World War II and his father also served in the Army. Meanwhile, Elise’s late father also served as a lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps reserve before his passing and Tamika said she has a host of nieces and nephews enlisted across the Navy and Air Force. 

“We do believe what the Pledge of Allegiance says and what the Constitution says. That’s what we fight for,” explained Timika. 

With a long roadmap and excellent blueprint in front of her, Elise is excited to embark on her journey in the armed forces. She will be stationed in Japan on the USS America and is ecstatic to have her mom rooting for her on the sidelines!

Congratulations family!

Black mother & daughter make history as first to graduate from U.S. Naval Academy in 170+ year history/Photo Courtesy of Enterprise