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This Doctor Created The First Therapy Cards For Women of Color

This Doctor Created The First Therapy Cards For Women of Color

It’s like a therapy card game. 

A Black female doctor just created the first ever “therapy cards” for women of color. 

According to Black Enterprise Dr. Ebony Butler is a licensed psychologist, food relationship strategist and the creator of My Therapy Cards, the first self-help therapy card deck for women of color. Dr. Butler created the cards as a way to help women work through self-limiting beliefs, key mindset blocks, ineffective habits, and ineffective coping skills. The cards are designed to help women of color identify their blockages and guide them through the process of self-exploration so they can heal various areas of trauma. 

As a psychologist, Dr. Butler sought to help destigmatize therapy and make it more accessible for everyday women. The cards provide intentionally curated prompts and complementary tasks that are designed to promote awareness and growth around mindset blocks, habits and coping mechanisms. The entire deck includes 36 cards, with 12 prompts and tasks in each category, a glossary card to establish common terms, a resource card for locating local therapists, access to expanded journals, worksheets and external support, and access to a private Facebook group for additional learning. 

“This is the very first self-help card deck and therapy tool specifically for women of color, and we are excited to bring some of the same tools used in therapy directly to meet this demographic where they are. We care about accessibility and breaking stigmas associated with seeking help. What I have created is a direct reflection of that,” Dr. Butler said. 

My Therapy Cards are currently available for order at

Congratulations Dr. Ebony! This is genius!

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