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21-Year-Old Makes History As First Black Woman To Serve In Local Louisiana Police Department

21-Year-Old Makes History As First Black Woman To Serve In Local Louisiana Police Department

She’s ushering in a new era!

 A 21-year-old is making history as the first Black woman to serve in a local Louisiana police department, Black Enterprise reports. 

Octavia Felder first became interested in policing after receiving a ticket for speeding. It was then that she realized she could do some good in the field, lending her services as a volunteer. She eventually had a conversation with Walker Police Chief David Addison, expressing her interest in becoming a reserve officer, a volunteer officer who starts off assisting with patrol related matters. Felder quickly began the process, completing a series of tests and earning her eligibility. 

Recently, Addison joined the Mayor and Board of Aldermen who approved Felder’s request as well as Walker’s City Attorney Bobby King to swear her in at City Hall, making Felder the first Black woman to serve in the Walker Police Department.

Felder is extremely excited but already thinking about her future accomplishments.

“My long-term goal, I want to be a homicide detective. So, hopefully, when I get the experience and training I need, I can use this along my journey,” she told reporters. 

Addison said that when that time comes, he will support her fully.

“If one day she wishes to become full-time and we do have a full-time opening, and she completed her training, we’d be glad to have her full-time,” he said. 

The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) has recently seen a rise in the number of Black women in command positions although national numbers are not as diverse. According to a recent report from WDSU, the NOPD has 12 Black women serving in high ranking leadership roles currently. 

Felder never thought she’d be making such historic strides at her young age but she’s excited to show others what is possible. 

Congratulations Octavia!

Photo Courtesy of WAFB Channel 9