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19-Year-Old Armani Williams Is NASCAR’s First Black Driver With Autism

19-Year-Old Armani Williams Is NASCAR’s First Black Driver With Autism

What a beautiful story!

Armani Williams is living proof that anything is possible, making history as the first Black professional NASCAR driver with autism, Black Enterprise reports. 

Williams was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and considered non-verbal when he was just two years old. He always had dreams of being a NASCAR driver and took to the sport at an early age, participating in go-kart racing competitions by the time he was 8 and eventually advancing to professional competitions.

The Detroit native broke numerous records and holds many titles including the first Black American to hold the highest finish in a series race and the first Black American to have the highest finish in the series championship in the ARCA Truck Pro Series. In 2018, Williams competed in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series, officially becoming the first openly autistic Black driver.

The teen has used his new found success and platform to raise awareness and advocate for others on the spectrum. He competes all across the country while also taking time out to serve as a motivational speaker and give back to various communities. 

Williams hopes that his story will help to inspire others on the spectrum, letting people know that the possibilities for those diagnosed with autism are endless. 

Congratulations Armani! Because of you, so many others can!

Photo Courtesy of Nascar/Getty