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100 coconuts is the first and only Black Owned Coconut Water Brand

100 coconuts is the first and only Black Owned Coconut Water Brand

He’s keeping the community hydrated!

This New York City entrepreneur is the proud owner of the first and only Black-owned coconut water brand, 100 Coconuts. 

Gregory Lowe II became interested in coconut water after learning of the many health benefits the drink provides such as its antioxidant properties, supporting heart health, and keeping you hydrated. However, he discovered that the brands that were currently on the market didn’t appeal to his taste. In response, Lowe created 100 Coconuts and joined the coconut water industry, making him the first and only Black-owned coconut water brand on the market.

In Asia, he found the key to creating a drink that tastes good and still maintains the same great health benefits. The New York City native told Travel Noire, “To source the best-tasting, naturally sweeter coconuts, I had to travel to the Mekong Delta province of the Ben Tre region of Vietnam through Ho Chi Minh and into the jungles. Lots of research was done beforehand to make this an efficient process.” Currently, Ben Tre has more than 200,000 families growing coconuts, accounting for about two-thirds of the total number of households in the province. Coconut groves can be found everywhere.

Lowe and his coconut farmer

100 Coconuts was made from young green coconuts and comes in three great flavors: pure 100% coconut water, coconut water with tequila, and coconut water with CBD. It’s packaged in an aluminum can, which helps the drink maintain flavor and freshness. To top it all off, the drink is fat-free, gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free with only 50 calories!

Since its inception in 2018, 100 Coconuts is now sold in over 15,000 major retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods, HEB, Publix, Sprouts, The Vitamin Shoppe, Erewhon, and many more. Lowe has also received many investing inquiries; television host and former NFL player Michael Strahan, who as a former athlete understands the importance of remaining hydrated and healthy, was one of the inquirers. When asked by Fortune why he wanted to invest, Strahan said, “100 Coconuts really stood out to me in the ways they were cutting into new categories like infusing CBD and tequila in coconut water—no one has done that. I was also in line with their community building strategy that is dedicated to reaching a diverse network of consumers by leveraging culture, like arts and music, to drive discovery and immediate loyalty.”

Overall, Lowe is proud to have fulfilled his dream of crafting a tasty yet healthy drink for the community. The entrepreneur told Black Business, "Diabetes is a real killer in our community. I've had many family members pass and that continue to suffer from the disease. It feels great to bring a 'better-for-you' product to the market for my people to substitute for high fructose sugar options.”

To learn more about 100 Coconuts or to purchase, visit their website here, or follow them on Instagram at @100coconuts

Photo: 100 Coconuts