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Meet King Robby

Meet King Robby

Meet Robby from Ferguson, MO.

When we referred to him as King Robby, he told us that he liked "King Royal Robby" better.

We met Robby during our visit with the 3rd graders at his school.

When I asked Robby if he liked the Because of Them We Can book, he said it was "Amazing"...

When I asked why, he said:

"I never knew so many people did so many amazing things. All I ever heard about was people like Martin Luther King or Harriet Tubman. When I see all these people, it shows me that I can do some of these things too!"

This picture is Robby's reaction to learning that the book he fell in love with was his to keep. His favorite photo was the one of mini George Carruthers on page 15. Like him, Robby plans to be a scientist.

Shout out to Robby's parents, Terrance and Tenneka - you are doing an amazing job raising Robby!